Career Parts 3 and 4

by Paloma Nunez


Platt College

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~Tuition Range:$20,000-$30,000


•gpa: 3.7 or higher

•SAT test to measure academic preparedness

~Recommended Coursework

•Digital Media Design Classes

•ap classes

~Campus Life

•number of students: about 400

•campus size:50,000 square feet

~Why Platt College?

•no application

•no parking fee

~ Who's hiring Platt Graduates?

Full Sail University

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~Tuition Range:



•Computer Animation

•undergraduate program

•20 month Bachelors of Science

•Graphic Design

•undergraduate program

•32 month for Bachelors Degree

• Digital Arts and Design

•20 month Bachelor's Degree of Science

~Campus Life:

•location: Winter Park,Florida

•average student age:20

Career~ Animator

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~Salary: $73k-$127k


•associate's degree programs-2 years

•Bachelor's degree- 4years


•1 year for entry-level positions

•3 or more years for mid-level or advance positions

•5+ years for hire-level positions

~Key Skills

•strong art and design skills

•proficiency in animation technology

•video editing software

•ability to use animation

•computer and time-management skills


  • creating storyboards that depict the script and narrative;
  • drawing in 2D to create sketches, artwork or illustrations;
  • designing models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects and the animation environment


• I believe that animator is the perfect career for me because in the research that I did 3d animator is really alike to video production. they are alike because they both work with software equipment. Also, Video Production is a recommended class to be accepted more easily in Platt College.

University Of Arizona~ 2nd University/Career

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~Tuition Range:

•$24,250 for undergraduates residents

•$40,925 for under graduates non-residents



-3.0 or higher

•recommended course work

-ap classes


•focuses on Biologival Science, Social Scoence, and Sicenec

•offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate's degree

~Campus Life

•campus size:392 acres

•number of students:43,088


•average students age:20

2nd Career~Astronomer

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• Bachelor of Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics, or Physics

•Master Degree in Science

•Ph.D. Degree (takes 3-6 yrs)

*helpful in many areas of modern astronomy to knowledge of Che,is try and biology

~Required Skills

•solve complex problems

•accurately analyze data

•strong understanding of math and physics

~What is an Astronomer's job?

•Astronomers study the properties and evolutionary processes of the universe.

•Astronomers investigate the early universe, galaxies, and the formation and evolution of the stars and solar system.


•I believe that Astronomer is also a great career for me because the space, stars, planets, black holes. solar systems, and galaxies all interest me. One of the things that also interest me to become an Astronomer is the immense space in Space.


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