Pubic Lice

By: Anahy Vera


Pubic Lice are little white crabs in your hair/head.


Pubic lice are tiny insects that can crawl from the pubic hair on the person during sexual intercourse.


Grayish white insects crawling in their pubic hair. Yellow to white blobs called nits. Leave bluish - grayish marks on the thighs are pubic area from bites.


See a doctor or gynecologist right away. Prescribed medication that kills the lice and their eggs. Treatment may need to be repeated.


Itching can be very uncomfortable, easy to transmit pubic lice to others. It can take forever to get rid of lice.


Need to dry clean or use very hot water and a hot dryer, bedding, towels or recently worn clothing properly kill the lice and their eggs. Had sex should also check, condoms does not cover the entire pubic area.