Tech Tuesday! September 22nd

Tech tips to keep you informed

Google Voice Typing

Mr. Kline and I were working on the literacy feedback task yesterday and had a bit of a eureka moment for providing feedback to students. Technology is all about improving efficiency and making life easier. If you find your hand cramping up writing comment after comment on students papers, maybe providing a Google doc with your feedback would be better. Google voice typing allows you to speak and the words are recognized with a high level of accuracy. Students could use this just to get some words down on paper, to brainstorm or journal. Often the act of speaking is easier than "putting pen to paper". See the video below for a walkthrough.

Move it Extension

I love this concept. It interrupts your workflow and tells you to do a quick exercise (jump 7 times, 10 push ups, etc). It's great for when you are sitting at the computer for a while, but I think it could be great for class as well to provide a quick brain break. Once installed, you can change the time interval and toggle it on/off. Go to chrome web store and download the extension.
MoveIt - The Exercise & Brain Break Chrome Extension #pegeeks

Whalen's weekly reason for joining Twitter...

It's a tool.

It can be used however you want to use it. Tons of people use text messaging inappropriately for cyber-bullying or sexting and yet I've never heard anybody declare that they don't use text messaging because of it. Yet, Twitter - which is in essence text messaging on steroids, gets a bad rap because of the belief that social media is evil/weird/time-consuming/not real life/fil in your own reason. SOME people misuse social media. But SOME people are always going to do inappropriate things regardless of the venue. We as educators and professionals owe it to ourselves to use the resources available on Twitter and owe it to our students to show them how to appropriately use such a tool. If you've kept putting off getting on Twitter because of some of these ideas, I ask you to utilize that growth mindset and at least tell yourself that you just aren't ready YET.

I wouldn't be so relentless if it hadn't changed my life for the better.

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Multi-owner Remind Classes now available

Remind announced yesterday the release of multiple owner classes. This is great for classes that are co-taught, as well as sports and clubs with multiple coaches/advisors.

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