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Healthy foods

This is how your diet effects the four parts of health in both good and bad ways

Hello! I hope you really think about making these recipes.

  • Physical Health- If you exercise and eat healthy you should be able to have a little something sweet like, you could make a fruit pizza. Ingredients include: Watermelon, and slice any fresh berries you want.
  • Emotional Health- If you don't eat healthy or exercise, you will emotionally not be healthy and physically not be healthy.
  • Social Health- If you don't interact with people, you aren't socially healthy. If you go and hangout with one of your friends, you will be socially healthy.
  • Mental Health- Mental health is when you use the mnemonic part of your brain and remember the recipe to the fruit pizza, you'll be all set.

Fruit Pizza

You get a watermelon, slice it however you want, get some berries slice them small, and then finally you get a fruit Pizza. It's as easy as that.

By: Abygayle A.