The Great City of Athens

Why wouldn't you live in Athens?

Here in Athens we have yearly festivals for several occasions, such as religious occasions, drama, and even athletics! Our rich, patriotic citizens pay for these festivals. The archons, are assigned to planning out the festivals. Every year they manage to make each festival more amazing than the one before, if that is even possible. Our yearly festivals are a fun place to bring the family, party, and play games.

Athens is a rich and beautiful city; in fact, Athens is the largest city in Greece. Athens is a rich city due to our trade. Athens gained control of a region called Attica. Attica has many valuable sources that are needed for trade. Attica provides us with silver, lead, and marble.

Athens vs. Sparta

Interested to know why Athens is a much better city-state than Sparta? Well, where do I begin. For one thing, Athens is the largest city AND the capital of Greece. In my opinion Athens is a large, beautiful, rich, wondrous city that just can't be beat.

Athens' society is much better than Sparta's. Sparta had a militaristic society. Athens was known for their intellect and the want to do great things. Athens has many famous philosophers, historians, mathematics, and scientists. Athens also highly succeeds in the arts, known for their beautiful construction and detailed paintings.