The fast and furious sport

What is skiing?

Skiing is a recreational sport. It is not a necessity as it was back then because people needed them to get to places in the winter. Skiing is a form of transportation. Its using gravity to get over the snow. To ski you will need skis, boots and poles.

Cross country vs downhill

In cross country skiing only the tip of your toe is clipped in, but in downhill your whole foot is clipped. In cross country skiers can go up or down, but in downhill you can only go downhill.. Cross country is slower but downhill is faster.

History of skiing

Did you know the earliest evidence of skiing was found in Norway from rock drawings that date back to 4500 to 5000 B.C!!! Also ski means “split piece of wood”.
skis were fist created in Northern Norway.Indians only used one pole while skiing so they could hunt and ski at the same time.In the 1900 hundreds you know there were over 2,000 ski resorts world wide?

Gabe W.