Democrat-Republicans v Federalists

the 2 controversial parties of the U.S.

The split of political America

After the Whiskey rebellion of 1794, American citizens split up into 2 groups, the Federalists and the Democrat Republicans (Anti-Federalists). These political parties completely annihilated Washington's Farewell Address because he specifically stated that political groups should be avoided. The DR V Federalists was the beginning of a messy battle for bureaucratic power.

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-Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Democrat-Republicans

-The DR favored states rights, the poor, France, low taxes and tariffs, and strict interpretation.

-Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist party

-The Federalist favored a strong central gov't, the rich, manufacturing, England, taxes and tariffs, and loose interpretation.

Important Treaty's to know

Pickney's Treaty- Treaty signed with Spain to open up trade along the Mississippi river

Jay's Treaty- John Jay was sent to the London by Washington to set up a compromise with the British to dodge another war.

Treaty of Greenville- Little turtle signed it and allowed the U.S. to expand into Northwestern Territories.