Amazing Africa

By:Khemari Marshall


This feature located in the Indian Ocean, is separated from East Africa and is also the fourth largest island in the world. This place is also really good for sailing, carving, sightseeing, and collecting some goods and souvenirs.

Lake Victoria

This feature is the largest lake in Africa and the chief reservoir of the Nile River. The lake also lies or is noticed or is placed in Tanzania and Uganda. What you can do in or near this awesome lake is go bird watching, fishing, cultural walks, rock art.
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Niger River

This river, also 2,600 miles long, rises on the Fouta Djallon plateau in the southwest Guinea and flows through Guinea into the Republic. Some tourist attractions are to go on some lovely boat rides, and you can probably swim if you want.
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Mount Kilimanjaro

This mountain range is located in the Northeast Tanzania, and this mountain is also the highest mountain in Africa. What you can do in this wonderful feature is go hiking and you can even take pictures of the wonderful view of everything.
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