Carson Staff Happenings

Week of 12/14/2015

Carson Calendar

12/7-10th Have Class Spelling Bee to find top 3 spellers for Grades 2-5

12/10 CiCi Pizza Night

12/13 - Party with for Purpose @ 5pm

12/14- 1/13 - DRA MOY Window (You can start as soon as you can)

12/14-18 Jeans all week

12/14 Grades 2-5 Turn in your top 3 spelling bee winners

12/14- FUMC providing Baked potato lunch

12/15 Progress Reports go home

12/15 December Goodies

12/15 & 16 UIL Competition

12/17 $5 gift exchange party in library

12/18 Christmas Parties and 1:00 Early Release

12/21-1/1 - Christmas Break

12/4 Student Holiday - Staff Development

1/14 & 15 Early Release 1:00 (Same early release rotation schedule from last time)

1/15 - Career Day in Rotation


DRA- Middle of the Year Testing (Kinder-5th grade)

Monday, December 11, 2015, starts the 2 1/2 week window for the MOY (Middle of Year) DRA testing. I have attached to the email the DRA guidelines. You do have the option to not test students that are at grade-level or above grade-level for the MOY for your grade. If you have time, I would DRA all students to confirm growth and make sure they are in the correct guided reading book group. All DRA MOY and task (word) analysis need to be completed by our January RtI meetings. If you need to watch anyone complete a DRA please let us know. Also the videos are a great resource and specific times are listed on the DRA attachment.

Early Release Schedule for 2015-2016

This will be the rotation schedule on early release days. Lunch will remain the same. You may use this to help you plan your parties on 12/18.

8:00-8:30 - 5th

8:35-9:05 - 4th

9:10-9:40 - 3rd

9:45-10:15 - 1st

10:20-10:50 -2nd

10:55-11:25 - Kinder


12/14- 18 - Jeans All Week as part of the 12 days of Christmas