Tierra Caliente

The Tropical Lowlands

About Tierra Caliente

Tierra Caliente mostly consists of tropical lowlands. Its elevation zone lies at the bottom of the Andes Mountains. People who live in Tierra Caliente must adapt to it being hot year round because that is what the climate is generally like.
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The nutrition of the people that live in Tierra Caliente is made up of mostly just the crops that are able to grow in the hot climate that they live in. Some of those crops include bananas, rice, and sugarcane.


Some of the clothing the people where there is a lot of breathable material that will keep you cool because it is so hot there. They try and dress in the lightest clothing they can find.


Some activities that you can do in Tierra Caliente is to swim in some of the hot springs they have there. You can also go for a hike in the rain forest that is around Tierra Caliente. You may also try some of the bananas that they grow there.


The shelter there mainly consists of houses that are open and have room for the breeze to come in. The houses are made of bamboo and wood. They are also raised on stilts to prevent from flooding.