The President of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano. The Prime Minister is Mario Monti. The population in Italy is approx. 61,261,254. The amount of arable land: 26.41%. The agriculture here is: fruits, vegetables, grapes, potatoes, sugar beets, soybeans, grain, olives; beef, dairy products; fish. The GDP is $1.871 trillion. The GDP per capita income is $30,000. The currency here is an euro. The languages here are mostly Italian (official); German-, French-, and Slovene-speaking minorities. There was lady who was allowed to bring a machine gun on board and injured 32 people on the ship.This company has collaborated fully in helping the postal police identify the responsible person(s). The captain, who was not named, has been accused of inappropriate action and/or violating the rules on who is permitted to access the bridge.


The President of Belarus is Alexander Lukashenko. Their currency is a belarusian ruble. The government there is a republic. The official languages are Belarusian language, Russian Language. The country became independent in 1991. Their GDP is 63.27 billion. The population is about 9.464 million. The GDP per capita is 6,685.02 USD. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. They backed on the idea of to form free-trade zones on territory of former Soviet Union. The agriculture here is grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, flax; beef, milk. The amount of arable land is 26.77%. The literacy rate is 99.6% (2011 est.) The major trade partners are Russia, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Ukraine.

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth is in rule right now and has been since 1952. The population of United Kingdom is 63,047,162. The land mass in United kingdom is 93,278 sq mi (241,590 sq km). The government is ruled by the Prime Minister David Cameron. The religions in the UK are Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist) 71.6%, Muslim 2.7%, Hindu 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified or none 23.1%. The GDP is $2.288 trillion. The GDP per capita is $36,500. The agriculture here is cereals, oilseed, potatoes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, poultry; fish. British jury finds that Mark Duggan, whose death at the hands of a police officer in 2011 set off riots, was killed lawfully. The police didnt get a day of rest until it was figured out. The currency in the UK is United Kingdom Pounds.