SPS Working For Healthier Students!

SPS works to align our health goals to federal standards.

Promoting the Best Possible Health

Sprngfield Public Schools are going the extra mile to ensure the best possible health for their students, The new SPS Wellness Guidelines state many restrictions for the amount of calories, sugar, and sodium allowed in the products they serve. In addition, SPS has eliminated many sugary and carbonated beverages from their menu. There is also restricted access to vending machines and the sale of products that do not match the restrictions.

Eliminating Health Disparities

SPS has taken action to provide both breakfast and lunch to all students. If a family is unable to pay, the schools can provide free or reduced meals to the students. These meals all follow USDA guidelines to ensure students of all backgrounds receive two healthy meals per day.
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Making Wellness a Way of Life

Springfield Public Schools offer Physical Education classes at least twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Each student is required to participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity. Elementary students are required to partake in an additional 30 minutes along with their PE class.

Promoting Healthy Enviroments

Springfield Public Schools are teaming up with the Greene County Health Department to help establish ways to evaluate and monitor indoor and outdoor air quality. They have also banned smoking from the campuses and have established a set of "sun safety" rules to help prevent extensive sun exposure.