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November 30, 2015

The Hour of Code is Fast Approaching! (Dec. 7-13)

There are many resources at the site. In addition, here's a breakdown of how this can be approached at each grade level.

Inspire students by showing them these videos.

Mitch Resnick from MIT, developer of Scratch, has some interesting thoughts about coding in this post, A Different Approach to Coding.

In addition, try this unplugged activity or view the video below.

Unplugged - Building a Foundation
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It's Not a Technology Issue

"Technology is not the issue, but many people make it one." A worthy and powerful read.

The Benefits of Using Google Apps for Education with Primary Students

This educator has clearly outlined some nice benefits in his post.

Another educator wrote this post: 5 Tips for Using Google Classroom in First Grade. Wow!

3 Ways to Share Bundles of Links with Students

Looking for a way to share resources with students? Here are 3, thanks to Free Tech for Teachers and Richard Byrne.

Upcoming Collaborative Projects

From a teacher in Israel:

"Looking for classes to do Kidblog projects together. My idea is that each month, children from various places in the world will write about the same subject like: myself, my city, my favorite song etc. By that it will be more interesting to read and comment as all of them have written on the same subject. It is a yearly project and we can let the children vote every month what will be the subject. We are 3 teachers, I am from Israel, one from New Zealand and one from Illinois. We would like some classes to join us. Who wants ? (it can be added to the regular blogging program and not instead). Let's create something global together !!! " (contact Bonnie if interested in making this connection)

K-2 Gingerbread STEM Communities Project

Global Math Tasks Twitter Challenge (there's one for every grade level)

BigDayta - We want students from around the world to share what they do, every hour, on a normal school day. That data will be shared with classrooms around the world to explore interesting global questions.

The 12 Joys of Teaching Twitter Challenge (one more way to get comfortable with Twitter for educators)

6 Truths About Technology In Education

Clear and powerful truths. This is our world and that of our students and children.

Digital Citizenship Corner

Pay Attention to Your Digital Footprint (intended for adults, but worthy of a discussion with students)

3 Ways to Weave Digital Citizenship into Your Curriculum

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