SMPP for Clients and Its Usage

SMPP client for SMS

In recent times, the communication through sending messages has increased, especially by the companies operating worldwide. Majority of the communication is done from SMPP client for sms. Before we discuss further about SMPP client for sms, it is important to know what SMPP is. SMPP refer to short message peer to peer. It is an internet protocol. It makes possible for companies to send and receive bulk messages. Using SMPP is very easy. To use this service, you do not require any special sim or a GSM modem. If you have an internet connection and SMPP client for sms, you can benefit from this service.

One of the major advantages of SMPP for your company is that you need not display any of your contact number while sending messages. In place of contact number, you can use your company’s name. The SMPP allows you to use alphanumeric, which is not possible in general messages. Value added service providers can send bulk messages by using this technique. Another advantage is that SMPP messages do not get unnoticed by the recipients. Easy reach is yet another thing which makes SMPP messages preferable by the companies.

SMPP was originally designed by an Irish company. Its standards have evolved during a period of time. Some of its versions, which are most commonly used by SMPP clients for sms include:
1. SMPP 3.3
2. SMPP 3.4
3.SMPP 5.0
SMPP 3.3 is the oldest version and is most commonly used. Wherein; the SMPP 5.0 is the latest SMPP version. It supports cell broadcasting. SMPP 3.3 was only for GSM. The non- GSM SMS protocols, make SMPP one of the most widely used internet protocol for sending bulk messages outside the SS7 networks. Companies using SMPP services can connect to different gateways.

The features of SMPP include:
1. Up to 200 msgs/second of throughput.
2. Availability of status delivery reports
3. 24*7 support
4. Short codes usage

Status delivery reports as mentioned above are however; optional. SMPP is highly beneficial in a vibrant market such as Dubai. Majority of the population in Dubai owns the mobile phones in place of fixed landlines. So, Sms marketing Dubai provides immense scope for utilizing the SMPP technique. In its flexible market, the SMS marketing Dubai is very effective. Profound knowledge of SMS marketing along with the grip on SMPP technique can do wonders for your business.