Rod serling

A wonderful T.V host

About Rod serling

Have you ever had a favorite artist? What about , a favorite friend? How were their actions? Rod Serling, a wonderful host of many favorites t.v shows, "The Twilight Zone". He had one of the most exceptional and varied careers in television. The winner of more Emmy Awards for dramatic writing than anyone in history, Serling expressed a deep social conscience in nearly everything he did. All started just a tramatic expirience.

The Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling (1959)

Rod Edward. Writing his famous hand written script of T.V dramas.

Edward always been the son of a butcher. After finishing High school in 1942 he joined the army. He then enrolled as a physical educator (a coach as many call it). It wasnt long when he figured he wasnt that intrested in hat he was doing. After changng from english to drama he dicided to give a hand at writing his emotions. As a senior he married a wonderful woman, Carolyn Kramer. Serling started to get inspierd by his award he had won with his hand written script and began writing more t.v dramas. Rod serling then became a famous t.v host for the Twilight Zone.


Rod Serling was a very famouse t.v host. I got my pictures from google search and the PBS website of his biography. All info was from his website/bio but put into many words from people who care about him including me. The video was sent from youtube to here. That video stars Edward Serling interviewd out in public. If you desire more about Edward Serling please go to to read all about Rodman's childhood and more.