After High School Plans

Garrett Bauer

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As of 5/5/16 I want to get a masters degree in business and minor in computer science.

About University of Oregon

  • Average GPA of accepted applicants: 3.6.
  • Population of males: 11,452 and females: 12,672.
  • Average class size is 19 kids.
  • They offer a lot of sports, I would probably play tennis there.
  • Residence hall occupancy: 3,960.
  • Student teacher ratio 18-1.
  • Address 1585 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403
  • Acceptance rate 75%


1. Graduate from a standard or accredited high school.
Earn a C– or better in 15 college preparatory courses.
Submit your official high school transcripts.
4. Submit SAT or ACT scores.
Submit an application essay.
Optional second essay.

Cost$ per year

Tuition and fees: $32,283
On-campus housing: $11,583
Books and supplies: $1,122
Personal expenses: $1,989
Health Insurance: $1,734
Transportation: $360
Total: $25,815

Scholarships, debt and deadlines

  • FAFSA federal deadlines, September 23, 2017. State Deadlines - March 1, 2016.
  • I am going to pay for college by saving right now, working before, during and after college to help pay for it.

1. Tennis scholarship,

2. Scholarship for business majors.

3. Essay scholarships offer $1000-$15,000

4. Scholarship contests $1000-$5000

Goals after High School

My goals are to work a lot and save up for college. I also want to start applying for scholarships more and look into volunteering more. I want to receive a lot of scholarships for college so I can save my myself money, as well as my parents. So no one has to go in debt or spend years paying off college money..
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