Harry Houdini

brave, magic

Harry Houdini could escape out of everything. He was magic!

His early life

Harry Houdini was born on March 24,1874 in Budpest Hungary, Harry's real name is Ehrich Weisz. His mother had six children and his farther was Mayer Weiz. Harry and his stepmother Lecilia Harry Steiner. In 1876 ,the remainder of the family joined him in the United States. His family moved to Milwaukee. Harry was only 8 years old. During his early life,Harry sold newspapers and shined shoes to help the family. On October 28, 1883, nine year old Harry made his first apperance on stage, performing a trapeze act.

His middle age

At 12 ,Harry hopped a freight car and ran away from home. A year later he returned to New York and continued to help suport his family by working as a messenger.  One day he got a hat and put a piece of paper, wrote Christmas is coming, turkeys are fat, please drop a quarter in the messenger boy hat. He put the quarters in his hair and clothes and went to his mother and said shake me. Quarters went everywhere and said,  "I`m magic." Harry and his brother Theo  began to pursue an interest in magic.

When Harry be came Houdini

Harry and his brother Theo helped do escapes.but after a long time Theo started messing up a lot of times.So Harry needed new assistant. It was a perfect time becausethe floral sisters came to town. One of the sisters was tiny, brownhaired girl called beatrice raymond like Harry.But  stage called her self bess. Bess became his new assistant. They did lots of tricks together. But bess sneck out because her family wouldka be mad at her for being with Harry so people say they got married that night.They did lots of tricks together.

THE End of Houdini

Houdin he sari died on october 31, 1928. because someone punch him in the stomch after he said it was ok befor he was ready he punch hem. Heart him  did't go to the docter right away he went on to the show.but did not make it. It was made Bess very sad.