Read: Someone Named Eva

BY: Joan M. Wolf

Exposition: setting and characters

The setting in my book takes place in Puschkau, Poland. The main character in my book is Milada, Elsbeth, Peter, Vater, and Mutter.


The theme of my book is never give up with you come across difficult challenges. And always remember who you are and where your from.


One night after Milada's Birthday party the Nazis came and took Milada's family to become German slaves. Milada was then taken to a camp to learn how to become a good young German woman. Milada was put in a camp with the other girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. Who knew your looks could change your life forever? Milada went through training and classes with harsh teachers. She often thought about her old life with her family. Milada began to wonder if she would ever see her family again. But just her luck, when the training was over and it was time for the girls to get adopted and live with a new family. Milada was adopted into a family with one older sister Elsbeth and one younger brother Peter. She loved spending time with her new family but often thought about her old one. Milada was curios about where her family was and if they still remembered her. Milada puts all of her thoughts and questions aside and focussed on her new life. Elsbeth showed Milada her favorite place she liked to visit in the forest. Elsbeth said it was where the soldiers did their target shooting. Elsbeth showed Milada where she hid her dads old gun and how to shoot it. Elsbeth said that she would never really have to use it in an emergency, but she soon comes to find out that gun is her only hope to surviving.

One afternoon Milada's dad and brother leave to go fight in the war. Milada stays home with her sister and her mom using the shelter in the basement for protection during the war. The girls and their mom take a few things down, into the shelter, for a couple nights and pray that the war will soon be over. But unexpectedly there are some unusual sounds coming from the upstairs living room. The girls hear pounding, stomping, and glass shattering. The girls get really nervous and are scared. Wondering what they are supposed to do and who is up there. The noise stops for a second then they hear the basement door open and close. The girls think to them that whoever it is was coming down to hurt them. The door to the shelter is busted down and in the door way stand Nazis soldiers. One of them grabbed their mom and dragged her upstairs. What are the girls supposed to do go check what is happening or stay put? A few minutes later their mom comes back to the shelter crying and saying "they took everything". Elsbeth waits for the noise upstairs to go silent. She marches herself upstairs to see what is left of their house and finds nothing. She rushes to her fathers office, opens the door, to find the door in her hands and off the hinges. She throws it aside and steps through the door way. She goes to the cabinet to grab a riffle and sees all of the guns and papers were taken. Where will she get a gun for their protection? Then the idea comes to her, she will wait untill tonight when her mom is asleep, and she and Milada will go to get the gun in the forest. So when the sun sets and it is fairly dark out the girls set out to get the gun. Milada isn't sure if it is safe or not but she goes along with her sister. When the girls wake up the next morning Milada cannot find the pin her grandmother gave her the night the Nazis ripped her out of her home. She tells Elsbeth that she needs to go back to the forest to find it. Elsbeth tells Milada that they will have to wait till to night to sneak out again. Milada can't wait any longer and sets out to go find the pin. When she finds it relief fills her body. Elsbeth asks her why the pin is so important and why she still has it. Milada can't find the right words to say and she did not want to talk about her old family in front of her new sister. Milada says that she loves her family very much but wishes she could go back to her old one. Elsbeth gets angry at the words coming out of Milada's mouth. She shouts and screams at her saying "I'm your new family and your not leaving me!" The girls get in a fist fight and punch each other till they both cry. The girls come to an agreement and decide that they are not going to talk to each other till morning. But in the morning the door bell rings and a man and women are standing in the doorway. Who is at the door? Why are they there? Is Milada going home? Will she go live with another family? What will happen? Read Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf to find out.


The conflict in the story is will Eva ever go back to her family and live her life there or will she have to stay in her new family, go to a new school, and make new friends.


I really like this book because it taught me to be myself and not forget who I am or where I am from. Eva sets an example by always taking a pin her grandmother gave her, and thats says that she will never stops thinking about her family until she sees them again. Eventhough she is with another family doesn't mean she has to forget her old one. That is the main reason why I liked and choose this book.