By:Dariana Morales

Guatemala's Flag

  1. FLAGS. Guatemala Coat of Arms: The Coat of Armsshows two Bay Laurel branches symbolizing victory. The bird displayed in the crest is the Quetzal, in Guatemala this bird is a symbol of liberty.

Guatemala city

Guatemala's Map

It's about 42,043 sq miles

108,890 km2

Guatemala typical food

  1. Many traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Maya cuisine and prominently feature corn, chilis and beans as key ingredients.

Guatemala fun facts


GDP per capita- $5,208

Life expectancy-71 years

Literacy rate- 75.9%

Major exports- coffee,sugar,petroleum,apparel,bananas,fruits & vegetables

Guatemala's president

Otto Fernando Pérez Molina is a Guatemalan politician and retired military officer who has been President of Guatemala since January 14, 2012.