Sean's Outpost

Pensacola Homeless Outreach

Announcing the Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center. <BITHOC>

This building doesn't look like much, but don't let it fool you. This place is a beast. Inside it's unassuming walls a near unstoppable force is hard at work. Human generosity, powered by Bitcoin. Even as I write those words, the propaganda alert goes off inside my mind.

But I can't help it. I'm hooked. And you should be too.

It's been a heady week. We reached out to the Bitcoin community to subsidize a few meals for the homeless. Something we were going to do anyway. But what we got back was something we would not have been able to accomplish alone, a whole new perspective.

And an opportunity to help a lot more people.

This is the Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center.


It's 1200sqft located at 9250 Old Palafox Rd. in Pensacola, FL.

In a previous life it was a Thrift Shop.

And I'm so pumped about this shit from <BITHOC>...

1. The lease for this building has been paid from donations made in BTC, at a significant discount off of the retail rate. The landlord is awesome and really likes what we are doing.

2. <BITHOC> will house a food pantry and cold storage for Sean's Outpost. Of which, lots of the food was purchased with Bitcoin. This will significantly increase the amount of meals we will be able to provide to the community.

3. <BITHOC> will house operations for both Sean's Outpost and Helping Hands for New Hope, another homeless outreach here in Pensacola that we work closely with.

4. <BITHOC> will allow for storage of clothing donations that we will distribute to the homeless and needy in the greater Northwest Florida area.

5. <BITHOC> from time to time will be a roof to shelter from the storms that frequent this part of the country.

6. All of the renovation and upgrade work to <BITHOC> will be performed by Homeless day laborers, paid a fair wage, from donations made in Bitcoin.

Thank you everyone.

Thanks guys. You did this. Bitcoin helped a lot. We feel like we are really part of something special here. A new way of making things happen. Good things.

We promise to bust our asses being good stewards of this amazing gift you have given us.

If you want to donate to Sean's Outpost and help support

<BITHOC> you can hit us up at...


Everyone that donates, or has donated is welcome to a Bitcoin embroidered patch. My dad made up a whole gang of them. We shouldn't run out. Just email us at with a mailing address and we will get one out to you. Also, we are going to start writing donors names on the walls inside <BITHOC>

From the bottom of my newly fortified and expanded heart, thank you.

We will be in touch.


Sean's Outreach