Pre-K Preview

December 2014

Week of December 1st- 5th

Theme: Shapes

Letter of the week: K-k

Special Event: Monday, Dec. 1st-Visit Pennswood Village and participate in the Christmas Tree trimming ceremony.

Language Arts:

  • Practice writing upper and lower case K-k.
  • Make sound/letter connection for the initial consonant sound "K" and write words
  • Write words /label pictures and collages made with shapes
  • Make shape robots in cooperative groups, name them and describe the functions of the various buttons!


  • Explore basic shapes with pattern blocks, tangrams and shape games.
  • ·Introduce: pentagon, hexagon, rhombus, parallelogram, and 3-D shapes
  • Sort by attributes of the shapes
  • Create 3-D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows


  • Exploring shapes and symmetries in nature
  • ·Experiment with wheels
  • K is for Kaleidoscope! Exploration with mirrors and reflections

Week of December 8th- 12th

Theme: Friends and Friendship

Review letters: “F-K”

Special Events:

  • Monday, December 8th, Performance by Walnut Street Theatre in our own auditorium. 9:00am.-10:00am.
  • Computer Coding with Kristen Sanchez and 4th/5th grade buddies in the computer lab on the same day 10:30-11:30am.

Language Arts:

  • Stories and poems about friends and friendships
  • Reviewing letters through games and activities
  • "What makes us a good friend?" will be the theme during the week and we will explore our own and our friends' feelings through various scenarios


  • Continue exploring shapes
  • Introduction to the board games and simple strategy games to be played with a friend!
  • Explore counting by 2's. 10's etc.


  • Introduce the simple machine Legos.

Week of December 15th- 19th

Theme: Christmas

Letter of the week: L-l

Special Events:

  • Holiday Breakfast for the parents in the Pre-KIndergarten room on Friday, December 19th, 8:15am- 9:00am.(The children bake something for the parents with us and the parent helpers bring a few light breakfast items from the Pre-K budget and help set up)
  • Holiday party for the children on Friday, December 19th 10:00am.-11:00am.

*** We are looking for two volunteers for each event. Please email Ragini Dave or ask in person if you need more information.

Language Arts:

  • Holiday and Christmas stories
  • Special book/activity: "Who's Coming to My House?" and the nativity scene.
  • “L is for Love”- Wait till you get lots of “I Love” cards and books created by the children!!


  • Numbers-1-10, Concept of less and more (Exploring with weights, numbers, estimation)

  • Exploring sequence and patterns

* Important Reminder: Friday, December 19th –Half Day.

Pre-K Pick up from the room: 11:30 Carpool/Siblings/Walkers: Pick up at noon.