Magic In Preschool

fairy tales

Hello Parents!

This week in the classroom we will be teaching your children all about fairy tales! Seeing as how we want to get the kids engaged in the learning part of this we have come up with some fun ways to teach them match, science and history about the subject. For math they will have the option of making fairy dust or swords. For science they will see how magic works with changing a apple into a "poison apple" by making caramel apples and by making magic wands and learning the magic aspect, and for history we will be teaching the kids about the days of the kings and queens.

Math: by making fairy dust the kids will learn colors, and measurements. and by making the swords they will be learning shapes and also measurements.

Science: by making the caramel apples the kids will see how one thing can transform into something else.

History: the way we are going to teach about the kings and queens is by doing different activities and acting out the parts and what they did during everyday life.

We will be taking your children to see peter pan the play this week, we will be sending out permission slips and papers if any parents are interested in chaperoning the trip. And after the children get to see a play we thought it would be a fun idea to let the children act out their own! each child will be picking their favorite fairy tale and putting on a show for the rest of the class, parents are more then welcome to come watch!

We are also asking for each of the children to bring in a paper towel roll to help with there projects, and there favorite fairy tale so they can tell the class about it while they act it out. Thank you.

Some things you could do with your child at home;

Caramel Apples:

Kings and Queens;