BY: Dominic

I Trailer

  • I learned how to be creative with my brain.
  • my mind was so focused on how amazing i trailer is.
  • sometimes you need some people to help you on it also i learned that.
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Haiku Deck

  • Haiku deck let me make a presentation.
  • I learned how to put and import stuff on it.
  • we got to now how we could make a haiku deck.

Explain everything

  • we got to learn different things and how to do things that are SMART.
  • I got to teach myself to talk and do at the same time
  • everyone got to do independent work on the things we needed.
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  • Typing web lets you type and it shows you the words that are wrong.
  • It let me know what words I new and didn't.
  • We got to go to advanced and intermediate typing lessen's.