TIPS Journal August 2, 2021

welcome to the coming school year!

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Greetings from Tokyo International Progressive School

Dear Parent Community of TIPS,

Hello all! I hope this finds each of your families safe and enjoying some summer fun.

This is the first issue of the TIPS Journal of our new school year. The TIPS Journal is one of my ways of staying connected with TIPS families, and your questions and feedback are welcome. You will receive an issue of the TIPS Journal about once a month this school year.

There are quite a few important updates to our systems, so please read each section below to make sure there is no confusion as we settle into our new building. One small example of such a change is street shoes are allowed at the new campus.

Teacher workweek is August 16 - 20, soon! If you feel your son or daughter will have a better first day of school having seen the new facility first, you are welcome to come by during teacher workweek to explore the new campus and your commute. Let us know you are coming with a phone call and we welcome you.

Thanks for reading. Any questions, please ask!


Lyn Sato

TIPS Principal

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I am very pleased to write that our Parent / Staff Association (PSA) will be led by Ms. Iris Yamanaka and Ms. Regina Salathe this year. Ms. Valaithip Khumbhan has also let me know she will be supporting the PSA activities. Our leaderships has plenty of good ideas to bring the school closer together, and I am looking forward to working with both of them as they lead us to good things. The PSA will contact you about how to make TIPS the best school it can be in the coming year.

Ms. Asami Yamazaki and Ms. Carmen Inokuma, the much appreciated PSA leaders from last year, have both said they will be active in the organization, so I have very high hopes for a great year. I will attend all PSA meetings, either online or face-to-face.

Upcoming Special Dates (through September 15, 2021)

Monday, August 16: Teacher Workweek begins

Friday, August 20: New Family Orientation 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Ice cream is served.

Monday, August 23: First Day of School! Altered Schedule. 3:25 Dismissal. Student Council lunch service begins.

Friday, September 3: Last day for 3:25 p.m. dismissal.

Monday, September 6: 4:15 p.m. dismissal begins. First day of W-I-N.

Tuesday, September 7: club activity begins.

Friday, September 10: Parent Staff Social 6:30 - 8:00 p.m., depending on local pandemic restrictions.

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Lunch time will be in shifts. Grades 4 - 8 students will have lunch from 11:35 - 12:25 p.m. The second lunch shift is for grades 9 - 12 students from 12:25 - 1:15 p.m.

The use of microwave ovens is reserved for grades 9 - 12 for safety reasons. If your son or daughter is in grades 4 - 8, please provide a lunch that does not require heating. This may be:

1) food that tastes good at room temperature, 2) a hot lunch delivered by Student Council, or 3) a lunch in a temperature controlled food thermos, such as the one in the photo below.


Our new school building is surrounded on three sides by roads with fast traffic. Furthermore, those students who travel by train walk on face-paced, busy city streets to get here. From Futako-Tamagawa station , TIPS recommends using the walking route on the red arrows below to minimize contact with heavy, fast traffic.
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For those of you who prefer to reach the school by bus from Futako-Tamagawa station, there are very frequent buses which service our school. You may see more about them here.


For those students who have a drop-off and pick-up by car, we ask that drop-off is at the back door. In order to prevent congestion on the narrow road at the back door, cars may be idle at our back drive-way for a maximum of 30 seconds while students get out of the car. Please do not linger there in your car.

Although the back road is narrow, cars travel very fast on that road. Students are not allowed to cross it without a parent. While picking up students by car, any time of day, parents must park the car in the lot and meet their child at the back door. Students will only be dismissed from the back door to a parent.

For those of you who plan to drive your child to school, please download and study the policy below.


TIPS continues to monitor health conditions in Tokyo and hopes each of your families is well. As the COVID vaccine becomes more prevalent in Japan, of course we hope to return to pre-pandemic levels of activity at school. Setagaya Ward, which we consult for advice about health policies, asks that those who travel overseas do remain in a home quarantine for two weeks after return to Japan.

If a TIPS student has taken a trip abroad, we ask that the student stay home for two weeks before coming to school to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. If a family member travels, however, there is no quarantine restriction on the TIPS student.

Students in quarantine will find their assignments on Google classroom. A parent will need to pick up their textbooks at the office.


Students are expected to attend class face-to-face. If a student is not in the school building, he or she will be considered absent. In our current situation, our teachers will not be using Google Meets or Google Hangouts to allow a student to observe a class. If a student is absent, they will find their assignments at Google Classrooms.

Students who do not attend class miss instruction.

The situation remains fluid. Our pandemic response may change over time.

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We will continue to have temperature checks at the front door upon arrival to school and on the school buses upon boarding. If a student has a temperature of over 37.5 degrees, the student will be sent home to monitor any other symptoms until the fever returns to a normal level. In this case, students may find assignments on Google classroom. Because the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more widely available now, students who are not in school will be counted absent.

The use of face masks continue to be required by all people in our building, except when eating and drinking.

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Please download this school calendar to see important dates such as school trips, school holidays, and Parent/Student/Teacher interview dates. Good attendance is key to success at school.

W-I-N: What I Need

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Our W-I-N program returns this year at the end of the school day, 3:25 - 4:15 on Mondays and Thursdays. During W-I-N time, students may get extra support in instruction or extra time with their teachers to work on assignments.

W-I-N may be initiated by a student, a parent, or a teacher. W-I-N may be scheduled regularly or on an ad hoc basis.

The first W-I-N opportunity will be September 6. Until then, from August 23 through September 3, dismissal is at 3:25 p.m.


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Our club activities occur on Tuesdays and Fridays, 3:25 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. As always students will have a variety of fun clubs to choose from. Club activities this year will be announced by August 27. The first day of club activity will be September 7. Students are invited - but not required - to participate in a Tuesday and a Friday club.

There is no charge for participation in clubs, with the exception of the Tokyo Coding Club, which delivers fun coding and robotics activities by their knowledgeable and creative staff.

Evacuation Safety

Lastly, here is our evacuation information in case an emergency such as earthquake, flood or fire causes us to flee our building. We will be practicing our evacuation procedures regularly.

Tokyo International Progressive School

TIPS is the small school in the Futako-Tamagawa area

that specializes in learning differences and learning support.

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