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Week of January 11, 2021

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Working together; succeeding together.

Daily Screening

Please use the following tool to screen your child, every morning.

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The Idea of New Normal

We have said from the start of all this that we firmly reject two terms that have become commonplace; "new normal" and "social distancing". I want to be clear that we do not reject the concepts, simply the terminology. I will explain.

When it comes to "social distancing" we have remained firmly committed to the concept of physical distancing (staying 6' part when possible), but firmly opposed to the idea of isolating ourselves socially. During trying times, we need each other more than we ever have. To this end, we have taken on the challenge of finding ways to remain socially accessible to each other and to our students while respecting the need for certain practices to keep everyone safe. Hand hygiene and mask-wearing have been two of the main tools that we have employed to allow us to remain socially together while maintaining a safe learning and working environment. We have tried to do traditional activities differently rather than not do them and only when there is no other way to we consider canceling or discontinuing events. Our students, families, and staff have been amazing in terms of supporting us in this, which has allowed us to keep doing some of the things that we love to do as a school community.

I wholeheartedly reject the concept of "new normal" and only begrudgingly accept the idea of "normal for now". None of this is normal and it is my hope that none of what we are experiencing, in terms of restrictions and protocols, remains after the pandemic is a distant memory. I long for "old normal" and will fight to make sure that, when it is safe to do so, we return to the way things were; the good old days as it were.

That is not to say that we will throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, There have been some things that we have learned from all of this that can make the learning experience of our students and working experience of our staff better. One of these things is block scheduling. As we begin to plan for the fall (yeah we are starting that already), we are looking at the benefits and challenges posed by the block scheduling system. We are aware that 2h classes have been a challenge for some students, and a wonderful experience for others. The vast majority of our students have expressed positivity in terms of fewer classes at a time to manage. To that end, we are exploring some schedule options that would return us to 1h classes, while still having fewer classes in a block. Stay tuned as we finalize our plans for the fall with input from our SCC.

Upcoming Events

Jan 11 - No School (SIP Day)

Jan 29 - No School SIP Day

Feb 1 - Block 3 begins

Feb 15-19 - February Break

Finals Schedule

Jan 26

(AM) History 30

Jan 27

(AM) History 10

(PM) History 20 and Chem 30

Jan 28

(PM) Precalculus 30

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders came home last week. The class code was included on them. When you use this code, it earns points for our library that can be redeemed for free books. You will enter the class code at checkout. The flyer prices are good until the end of February, more titles are available when you log in online. If your order is more than $35.00 the shipping will be free and will ship directly to your home. If your order is not $35.00, a $3.50 shipping fee will be applied to your order. Contact Mrs. Boutin at (306) 278 2288.

Reading Bingo

Although we can't do some of the things that we would like, Miss Boutin has been working very hard to find new and innovative ways to get kids excited about reading. Very soon she will be starting reading BINGO. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a copy of the BINGO card, one will also be coming home with your child. As your child completes the tasks on the card we ask that parents sign them and return them to the school (more instructions will be coming on the cards). All winners will have their names entered into a draw for some amazing prizes.

Cooperative Games in PE

We have been working on cooperative games in PE 1, 2, and 3 (along with playing with the scooters). One of the games asked them to collect a variety of items (on the scooters) and then build a snow man out of them. I think that they did amazing.

Levels of Governance

In History 30, we have been studying the governance of Canada at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels. To support the learning of the students, I wanted to put them in contact with our political leaders. We were lucky enough to have Cathay Wgantall (MP - Yorkton-Melville), Hugh Nerlien (MLA- Kelvington-Wadena), and Nick Wood (Mayor- Porcupine Plain) Zoom into our classes and discuss their role as well as answer the students' questions. The students learned a lot and a great deal of conversation came out of the meetings. One take away the students had is that, if they could do it again, they would make harder questions (they went pretty easy on them, in my opinion). They did ask each of them about COVID and discussed the differences in answers between a governing party (Hugh) and the opposition (Cathay). My hope was twofold: 1. To increase their civic knowledge and 2) to inspire them to get involved, voting at the very least and perhaps running in the future. Overall a great experience with three amazing leaders within our community.

Caroline's Hot Lunch

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we had to make the difficult decision to shut down our Bear Bites (hot lunch) program for now. We know that this was an inconvenience for many families. This is why we are so excited to let you know about a program that Caroline's restaurant is starting. Many of you may have read about it on Facebook. Please see below for more information. All orders must be placed directly with Carolines.
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PPCS Athletics Live Stream

We will be streaming our home games (as long as student permissions are in place). Games will be housed on our Youtube Channel until the end of the season. For reasons of privacy we would ask that parents are aware of who they are sharing the links with and try and avoid sharing them with a larger public audience, family and friends are OK. WEe apologize for the games we are unable to stream, but we must respect the privacy wishes of all our players and the players of other teams. Please be aware that if you are volunteering at a game or if your child is volunteering at a game they may appear in the stream. We will not be streaming spectators (when they are allowed).

All of streams will be hosted on the channel below.

Join our Team

PPCS is an amazing place to work because of our great students and staff. We are looking for some casual workers to fill in for our caretakers and our educational associates (EAs) when they have to be away. Check out the links below if you are interested. You won't be sorry.

Youth Group (Beyond Discovery

Youth group is open to all students in grades 7-12.

Youth group is hosted Friday nights at the youth room at QCP.

Contact Heidi Leech or Mrs. Wasyliw if you have any questions.

What is different at PPCS?

PPCS COVID-19 Parent Guide

Please read the attached document which outlines the start-up and safety plans for PPCS (and all NESD schools). There is some school-specific information at the end of the document.

Welcome to #stillbestyearever