By Natasha Friend

Lush, by Natasha Friend


The book, Lush, is a realistic fiction book written by Natasha Friend. For Samantha, a 13 year-old, it's hard living in her own house with a mother who is obsessed with yoga, a father who can not stop drinking, and a gym teacher that hates her for no reson. She needs someone to talk to. She decides to pick a highschool girl in the library, She sends her notes of advice, a weird, mysterious friendship forms. But who is A.J.K? They then meet up and Sam is really surprised and embarrassed that it is the library helper. They go out somewhere. Where do they go? They go to a place where addicts are. She saw her dad. It was the first time they talked after her father had smashed a beer bottle on Sam's little brother's head. Sam misses him. She also has the attention of an older boy, Drew. She then realizes that Drew is attracted to her. While her life at home is such a mess, Sam wants more than anything for Drew to like her, even if it means going to a party and drinking. Suddenly, Sam finds herself acting like her father.

About the Book

The characters in the book are Sam, her mother, her father, her brother, Drew, and her friends. The things that make Sam who she is, is that she has the best friends ever and she haves way too mush fun with her 4 year-old brother. She also has a really negative mind, that afects her. So because of her family problems, she always thinks very negatively.


I think I would recommend this book because I think it would be an interesting book to read. Also, it kind of has a lesson to it. I think the audience would be more toward the girls because of the main character's life, Sam.