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Editor: Abigail P editor's note:I have something good to say about everybody on the newspaper they worked very hard and I like how the newspaper turned out.


Abby P


I recently listened to Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 and I personally loved it. Some of the songs on this album are Blank Space, Shake It Off, Welcome To New York, and How You Get The Girl. My favorite song on this album would have to be Blank Space because it has catchy words and a great tune. I think Taylor Swift did an outstanding job on writing this song. This song has a very popular tune which makes the audience want to listen to this song over and over. If you have not listened to this song already then I think you should. I really love this song and I think that Taylor Swift should continue to write beautiful music.

Pajama Day by Alondra B.

On pajama day I went to Miss .Wines' class and asked Alana B. a few questions.She had very positive answers.Her answers were that on Pajama Day her favorite part was bringing her teddy bears to school.She also said it was very fun and exciting.She said she always looked forward to Pajama Day every year and she thinks it's all so exciting to wear pajamas to school.

First Grade Hero by: N'yshya. W.

Sophie G. is in Mrs. Parker’s class and she is a hero in her class. Sophie’s teacher Mrs. Parker said this about her being a hero: “Sophie takes care of herself because she is doing what she’s suppose to do when others are not. She is an independent hero who does not get involved with others unless she needs to help someone. She also helps the class by staying out of situations that don’t involve her.” She doesn't join others when they are doing something wrong. Congratulations to Sophie G. for being a hero we are all proud of you for being a hero in your class and we’ll make sure to let you know who the next hero will be.


Today I am going to give you some advice on how to get your homework done before Friday. So to accomplish all your homework do a little bit little bit every day. For example on Monday I get all my homework on. So on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I do a spelling assignment then on Tuesday I do my math and reading. When you show up to school on Friday your teacher will be so happy that you got it done.

Football with Kendall N.

My friend Mir is a wide receiver. He and his friend was playing in his backyard that is when he loved football. Mir said he felt good when he played football. So Mir started playing football when he was 8 years old. He plays for the Cavilers, which is cool because I play for the same team. His team rank is 10/2, which was awesome. His team played at the Dorman stadium and they play at the 9th grade stadium. Mir loves to tackle in football games. That’s what I love about football too.

Jennifer D. pajama interveiw

On pajama day, I asked Marcy .I. in Mrs.Fields class some questions. She told me that her favorite part of pajama day was

when she drank hot chocolate. Some of the activities she did was read , eat , and watch movies. Something she disliked was that it was emberessing to wear her pajamas to school. Did you enjoy pajama day?

My opinion about pajama day is that it was super fun. Some things my class did was watch movies , and drink hot coco. It was the best day ever.

by Ulyana K

4th Grade Program

Our 4th graders are doing a Christmas program.This will be a time to explore this holiday more further.Also there will be a sing along with the song

Let It Go.Some of the songs that the 4th graders are going to be singing are new so most of the students won’t recognize them.Also,this year

4th grade hero by Kayleigh G

Jennifer is the class hero from Mrs. Reed class and she helps someone that if someone is hurt or in need she said I would help them. She told me that she is nice enough to include people in different activities. Also she said that she always listens in class, raises her hand to speak, and doesn’t get in trouble, and talks when the teacher says to talk. Told me that she makes good grades in class. She told me that Mrs. Reed is the best teacher that she has ever had in school. Jennifer told me Jennifer is the nicest 4th grade student I’ve talked to.

kindergarten hero by Adrianna A

James is a student in Mrs. Ross’s class. Mrs. Ross said that “he is diligent and does all of his work. He is a leader and sits a good example for others. He is kind to everyone and helps others. Some characteristics of a hero he has is that he is brave, caring honest and has leadership skills.” Everyone has a characteristic of a hero, you can he one too.

The DHS Concert by:Samantha L

On December 17th we had gone on a Field Trip to the Dorman High School's Fine Arts Center. We left Wednesday morning. If you need to take medication you need the fill out the permission slip and tell your teacher.

You can’t bring food on the bus or drinks. That includes gum and candy. When we get there we will clap to every song. We will not say “boo” or “you stink”.

Hi it’s me again, the bus ride is a bit bumpy. We are on our way to the concert. Some kids are talking, some making friends, and some are doing handshakes with rhymes and riddles, the boys are being boys.

I’m now in the auditorium at Dorman High School! I just saw Olaf from the movie Frozen. There are instruments of all sorts. There goes one of Santa’s Elves!

The concert was AMAZING they had so many dancers. And when they sang it sounded like they were on the radio. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Apps by: Aiden D

Here are some app’s I recommend because there fun and free. There for all ages.

POU-Available at play and I tunes. Store and I tunes Pou is a game that is like having a pet. You clean it, feed it, keep it healthy and, make it happy. What I like about it is it gives you responiality.

TOM CAT-Available at the play store and I tunes. Tom cat is like

Having a pet cat what I like about it is it also gives you responsibly.

Madagascar Math Opts- Available at the play store and I tunes. You answer question then you shot the penguin. WhatI like about it is it is a fun math game.

Dots-Available at the play store and I tunes dots is a game where you connect the same colored dots you can only go up and down, left and right.

Kane Chronicles book review by: Ashlynn F

I am reading the Red Pyramid, the first book in the series in the Kane Chronicles series, by Rick Riorden.

I pick this book because I am into mythology and also because I am a fan of Percy Jackson. At the beginning of the book, Carter and Sadie are going on an adventure. They think they’re going to the museum but it is a little bit different than it seems. When they get there their father promises he will make it right but what does that mean?

Percy Jackson is very cool but I like this book so much better because it tells more of an adventure. I DO recommend reading it.

Who are the main characters: Carter and Sadie Kane

5th grade hero by: Angelica M

Sofia M. is Mrs. Daly’s hero because she is always willing to help other in need. She heroic characteristic is always hardworking and impassioned. Mrs. Daly says, “She helps the classroom by always willing to pass out the paper. She follows direction and she set a good example and goes up and beyond”. Sofia M. is an intelligent 5th grade hero!!

3rd grade hero by: Aryonna D

Bailey M. is Mrs. Peake’s 3rd grade hero. Bailey told me that when somebody drops their crayons she’s nice enough to help them pick them up. She told me that when she sees somebody being bullied she tells the teacher and stand up for them. She’s nice to others she said she helps them with school work. She said some people are not nice to her but she doesn’t care because she has a lot more friends.