Bipolar Disorder

Cristian Calderon TB:7

What is it?

Bipolar Disorder are one of several medical conditions called depressive disorder

sign or symptoms?

signs; increased energy , decreased need for energy , increased physical and mental active.

symptoms: loss of energy or fatigue , sleeping to much or inability to sleep.

How does it affect?

Kids and teen go back and forth between mania and depression throughout the day.

Other names or forms?

Manic -depressive , illness, bipolar mood disorder and bipolar affective.

How is it diagnosed?

Bipolar can end you up in the hospital or the treatment center

How is it treated?

Stabilize mood and help the person manage and control their symptoms receive medication.

Interesting Facts

Something i found interesting is loss of energy or fatigue. Something else is that kids and teens go back and forth with mania and depression