Gag O's!

Make YOUR breath smell like rotten fish!

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Do you have an annoying co-worker? Or an annoying boss? Or even an annoying class mate?! Well, I have a solution for you! Take a Gag O mint, and put it in your mouth, and all the magic happens! Once you put the Gag O mint in your mouth, your annoying co-worker will smell your breath in horror, and walk away! Simple as that! AND ONLY $0.75!!! What a deal! You'll be the coolest kid in school. The best employee at work! You'll never have to stand that annoying classmate, or co-worker, EVEN YOUR BOSS again! 90% of our consumers LOVE IT!!! Even Justin Bieber approves! Is it too late now to say sorry? Get your Gag O mints NOW!! ONLY $0.75!!! ONLY 50 LEFT!!!! Visit our website to order or come to our shop at 1234 W. Lollipop Street.

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