The Hero Under The Sea

Virginia F


Untouchable Hero Essay

Behind schedule. Over budget. And his first business went bankrupt. This is what summed up Walt Disney’s first attempt for his first movie, although he had many issues with completing on time, his movie was a huge success. Walt Disney could have never been completed without curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy (the four C’s) as well as caringness towards others and persistence. This is what Walt Disney needed and used to achieve his dream, and to go above and beyond with his work. Walt Disney is a true hero because he is persistent in accomplishing his goals, and he also cares about all of the people in his life, and not how much money is in his wallet.

Walt Disney has showed his persistence while staying focused on his career and by not giving up. Also, while working on his first movie Snow White, he was behind schedule and over budget but none of that stopped him from creating an amazing movie. Walt Disney, along with his brother Roy Disney, showed their importance for family when they bought their parents a house. Unfortunately a poisonous gas, carbon monoxide came from the house killing Flora Disney, Walt Disney's mom, however his father had survived.

My two heroes Gabriela Fishe and Walt Disney both relate to each other with how they are very focused on getting things done, and also how they both care for other people. I don't however know how caring Walt Disney really was because I never actually met him, but Gabby is really caring and you can know this because she isn't super nice all the time and she give you a hard time because she is trying to get you to do everything to the best of your ability. Gabby is like the fun mom that I never had, she's really fun to hang out with and she gives me good advice for friend issues, but she also gets really hard on me when I act younger than I am or if I forget to do something. Although she is really hard on me it helps to know I have someone who won't let me embarrass myself even if telling me might hurt my feelings.

If my hero, Gabriela Fishe and Walt Disney ever meet face to face I think they would probably have a very intriguing and interesting conversation, it would be very sophisticated and maybe a little bit funny even, but in a good way. If I ever meet Walt Disney I think I would be very nervous and giddy, I would probably have a lot of laughing attacks and embarrass myself. I also think that Gabby and I would be very terrified at first, mostly because Walt Disney has been dead since 1966. I think that a hero can consist of only two qualities, that they never give up no matter what life throws at them, and that they genuinely care for other people and not just themselves.