Hey, my name's Bukkett

That's two k's and two t's

Bottom of the Bukkett

I'm a student who likes to help others progress and prosper through hard work and other stuff like that.

I always had an interest in English, but when the damn English teachers try and tell me that my name's spelled wrong, I don't get mad. I just look at 'em and say "It ain't about how it's spelled, it's 'bout how it's used" just like mama told me when I was young.

Something that I always wanted to do is become a writer. As I stated above, I've always had an interest in words and how they can flow in different ways to exaggerate or understate situations or objects or places...Ect. The list is limited only to your imagination.

I come to school everyday to learn how to better myself as a word smith and help others if possible.

Some people in my life that are really important to me and those people are my Grandmother, sister and brother.

I can't begin to explain my interest in book themselves by just one book, but some that stand out are The Thin Executioner. The Giver, Cirque do Freak, Etcetera

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Also the thought of space is always interesting to think about.

The thought of infinity is always an interesting concept, I think.

Just think of the possibilities that come with a literal Infinity.