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Common Core Shifts - ELA

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What do you see? Describe any teacher action or words, student action or words, or items in the classroom environment that show implementation of the best practices listed.

50% of all reading in nonfiction/ informational text

Teachers will: Use a variety of texts both literary and nonfiction as the primary resource for ELA and the content areas

Students will: Demonstrate the ability to utilize text features and/or multiple text to gain knowledge


Text in a variety of levels as the primary source for building knowledge

Teachers will: Provide the opportunity and tools for students to access information and understanding from increasingly higher levels of text.

Students will: Utilize strategies that deepen their understanding of concepts through text that is at or above the complexity expected for the grade and time in the school year.


Academic language/Academic Vocabulary

Teachers will: Focus instruction on words that appear across all content areas but are not commonly used by students in their speech or writing. (tier 2 words)

Students will: Recognize and discuss tier 2 words in the context of stories, digital media and informational text. Know how to develop “student friendly” definitions.


Domain Specific Vocabulary

Teachers will: Recognize and teach “Tier 3” words related to specific content areas.

Students will: Recognize the difference between “tier 2 and tier 3 words and know how to develop student friendly definitions


Text based evidence

Teachers will: Create questions and tasks that require students to cite evidence from text to support analysis, inferences and claims.

Students will: Respond to questions and tasks that require evidence from text to support their arguments or claims


Project Based Learning

Teachers will: Create projects with meaningful Essential Questions that include the 8 Essential Elements of rigorous project planning as outlined in the Buck Institute Project overview design and assessed with the Buck Institute project development rubric.

Students will: Persist through extended periods of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge and demonstrate in tangible ways that they have learned key concepts and skills.