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CCSD School of the Arts April 2015

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Richard Blanco

Wednesday, April 22nd, 7pm

5109 West Enterprise Street

North Charleston, SC

On behalf of the Creative Writing Department, I'm writing to let you know that Richard Blanco, the internationally renowned writer who read his poem "One Today” at President Obama's 2013 inauguration, will give a public lecture and reading of his work next Wednesday, April 22 from 7 – 9 pm in the Academic Magnet High School lecture hall. This marvelous evening event, hosted by the SOA Creative Writing Department and the AP English Students of Dr. John Cusatis, will be free and open to the public, and it will be followed by a book-signing and reception.

Visit the SOA Writes webpage for all of the details and includes Blanco’s impressive bio. He is the fifth and youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, as well as the first Latino, and first immigrant to hold the honor. He has published three books of poetry and two memoirs, and he is the recipient of the PEN American Center’s “Beyond Margins” Award as well as the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press.

We hope you and the aspiring authors in your family will attend. Also, please spread the word to the literary enthusiasts in your circles. Thank you!

Beth Webb Hart

SOA sweeps Scholastic Awards again!

Yes, the rumors are true! It's another record breaking year for Creative Writing! Our National Scholastic results are in, and out of 300,000 entries nationwide, we won a grand total of 18 national Scholastic awards! (Here is the list attached.) Also, 9th grade writing majors, Courtney Wickstrom and Carson Peaden, won "Best in Grade" - the only two in the entire country - in the Poetry category.

---Beth, Rutledge, and Sean

High School

- Zoe Abedon, Grade 12, God Medal, Poetry “Summer Afternoon”

- Reese Fischer, Grade 10, Silver Medal, Short Story “Cup and String”

- Reese Fischer, Grade 10, Silver Medal, Poetry “Weak Adhesive: Temporary Love”

- Jessica Leiker, Grade 9, Gold Medal, Poetry, “Drop of Peach”

- Julia Lynn Goller, Grade 11, Gold Medal, Short Story “Sleep”

- Glenys Morton, Grade 10, Silver Medal, Dramatic Script “Some Things Come in Threes”

- Carson Peaden, Grade 9, God Medal and Best in Grade Award, Poetry “Black Ice”

- Savannah Porter, Grade 11, Silver Medal, Flash Fiction “And I’m Shaking the Bones”

- Cora Schipa, Grade 9, Silver Medal, Poetry, “Sitara”

- Emily Shorter, Grade 10, Gold Medal, Short Story “Nothing More Than Names”

- Courtney Wickstrom, Grade 9, Gold Medal and Best in Grade Award, Poetry “Roots”

Middle School

- Arden Dodge, Grade 8, Gold Medal, Flash Fiction “Into the Blue”

- Elliot Hueske, Grade 8, Silver Medal, Flash Fiction “Onyx Typeface and Peach Pit Rings”

- Maclean Hueske, Grade 8, Gold Medal, Flash Ficiton “For the Rocket Ship Man”

- Kathryn Dorn, Grade 7, Gold Medal, Poetry “Her Vision of Life”

- Roey Leonardi, Grade 8, Silver Medal, Flash Fiction “Things That Are Empty”

- Roey Leonardi, Grade 8, Silver Medal, Flash Fiction “Magnolia Wings”

- Roey Leonardi, Grade 8, Silver Medal, Short Story “Silver with Rain”

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