Independent Digital Assignment

By:Brianna Allen.

Taxes and Tips.

TAXES:$ paid in addition to an amount.% added to final price. Tax collected is us used by government for buildings/street-law,community,schools. Tax can vary per state/country.sales tax/in come tax.

TIPS:Giving a % of a total to a place. Waiter or waitress(personally)get the tips. Tips can vary. In addition to tax.

Discounts,mark ups,commissions

An example of taxes,tips,markups,discounts,and commission

If you go to Red Robin on a friday and buy a burger and fries that is $10.13 with an additional tax that is $0.57 your meal will end up as $10.70,and you leave a tip of $1.89,you will end up spending $12.02,but the had a discount on Friday so you got your meal 10% off,so you only had to pay $10.82,but you got a salid to go and it was a markup cause they made their on dressing so that cost $6.75, witch brought the bill up to $17.57,but you had a give card to Red Robin and got a commission off and it was $10 off your bill so your final price is $7.57.