The Greatest God Ever

What Sobratus Represents.

Sobratus is the God of intelligence and mental persuasion. He is the smartest of all Gods and Goddesses and knows everything. There is nothing that he doesnt know. He is a human encyclopedia. If you have a question that you need an answer to he is the one to ask, but there is one exception to asking him a question. You are only allowed one question per life-time.

The Powers of Sobratus

As I stated in the last section, one of his powers is that he has the answer to any question or problem that exsists. He also has a power called mental persuasion. But be careful what you ask for because that is the only question that you will get answered by him. He also has another power called mental persuasion. Simply with the power of his mind he can control you to do whatever he wants because his mind is so powerful.

Appearance of Sobratus

Sobratus's appearance is very unfamiliar compared to the other gods. His head is unusually large. The reason for his head being so big is because a regular sized head could not hold all of the information that he knew. This is something that he was born with. Other than that his body is very normal.


Socratus and Athena had a child whos name is Tridonus. Although he us very young he is also very wise. He is sure to be a great God when he is fully matured and learns evrything that he needs to know to be successful.