Want to be legalize

By jesus


◦ Must be 18 years or older.

◦ Be a resident of the U.S.

◦ Applicants have to be there to become eligible. Be present. No video-chats, phone calls, or letters.

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◦ Complete the citizenship tests.

◦ Get photos for identification and fill out any forms of documentation.

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◦ Receive a letter.

◦ Go to the location and get them taken.

◦ Mail documentation if it is requested.

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Interview and tested

◦ Make the appointment (their responsibility) to be interviewed and tested.

◦ Be sure to bring any documents and identification to the appointment.

◦ Answer any questions that the interviewers have about your application. (It’s kinda like a job interview but only your residency is at stake)

◦ Take an English and Civics test.

◦ Wait for the decision of the interviewers.

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Oath of allegiance

◦ Ceremony date scheduled. (Check in and get ready)

◦ Return your permanent resident card.

◦ You will answer any more questions.

◦ The Oath of Allegiance which basically marrying yourself into the U.S.

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Legal help

◦ This entire procedure is very precise and to the point. It is lengthy but work with it and you can become a citizen.

◦ It is recommended that an immigration attorney be hired to help through the procedures and guide the future citizen.

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