Hong Kong The Best Place

Hong Kong The Best Place to Expand Operations Internationaly

How international companies benefit by forming companies in Hong Kong?

The trade agreement between China and Hong Kong plays a vital role in boosting the strategy further. The mutual trade agreement called as CEPA lets Hong Kong based companies get reduced tariff and easy access for selling goods on the Chinese markets. Also, tariffs on several categories like electronics, electrical products, textiles, clothing, and jewelry have been excused. Moreover, ninety percent tariff duty of the total exports from Hong Kong to China is waived off. Though China’s ascension towards WTO has necessitated a thread of trade liberalization actions for allowing business with the other member of WTO, Hong Kong has the special privilege to get the 1st opportunity for capturing the budding markets of China.

Advantages that push investors to register their companies is Hong Kong

The liberalization of different service sectors which include commodities, banking, logistics, real estate, infrastructure development and housing, assure fresher opportunities for companies that are based in Hong Kong. The business prospective is huge bearing in mind the rewards that Hong Kong based firm benefit in China are accumulated due to the exceptional relationship with China. The constant inward investment in China combined with the zero tariff status of Hong Kong can attract offshore companies, especially the ones that sell service-sector goods for establishing and operating their headquarters from Hong Kong.

The cosmopolitan and vibrant culture of this Asian city accommodates both western and local tastes. Living here is a great pleasure for both expats and locals, as this Chinese port city gets to celebrate Chinese New Year, mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat racing as much as it celebrates Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Apart from this, cultural water holes, efficient transport services and rich night like make Hong Kong an attractive hub for multinational organizations that look for setting up business operations in South East and East Asia.

The availability for professional and business support services, freedom of information, robust law and order and political stability make life in Hong Kong equal to living in other metropolitan cities in the planet. Once companies are interested in Hong Kong company registration, they have to look for a few things. They can search for a reliable agent who can provide professional assistance for registering a company in Hong Kong. If they find a reliable agent, then the company and the agent will have to sign an agreement and a power of attorney. There are many more steps involved in Hong Kong Company formation process for which people can get the help of trustworthy mediators or agents.

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