Sales Promotion

6 ways to sell your product


Coupon: A portion of a certificate, entitling the holder to something, as a gift or discount

Special Events

Special Events: Help marketers build brand image and awareness for their products, as well as helping generate trade merchandising.

Includes deals/ local events that give short term business gains through sponsorship and ownership.

Point of Purchase Displays

POP- A place where sales are made, such as a mall market, or city.

These make the product stand out from all others and bring it forward and close to eye level making it "POP", this enhances the visual need for the product.


Sampling: A small amount of something that is offered to someone to try.

This type of promotional method lets the consumer get a glimpse or "taste" of the product and will give them an Idea of what the full product offers.

Contest and Sweepstakes

:A race or other contest for which the prize consists of the stakes contributed by the various competitors.

Gives the consumer the opportunity to be given a gift or experience that gives the consumer loyalty to the company because of their contest giveaway.


: The act or an instance of giving something away, especially the appropriation of natural resources or public lands for private gain.

Gives the consumer a product or service, this helps give the customer brand/ company loyalty and gives them an attachment to them for what service/product they have received.