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Feed Them!

Feed Up- Share the big ideas! Ask the students to tell you what they need to know!

  • Try Answer Garden or Pear Deck

Feed Back- How can you let students know how they are doing? There is much more to feedback than grades.

  • Try Kahoot or Flubaroo
  • Personalize using Kaizena

Feed Forward- What is next? Can your students make connections, create new knowledge and extend their learning? Challenge students to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways:

  • Teach another student
  • Create a tutorial
  • Give students time to explore concept applications

*Visible Learning For Teachers - John Hattie

LPS Instructional Practices Website - FEEDBACK

Check out these researched based resources for effective feedback!

Feedback Tools and Tutorials

Answer Garden - Tech Tools Tour

Works with Google Forms

Flubaroo Overview
Importing a PDF or Google Presentation to Pear Deck
Voice Comments and Resources & Sending with Kaizena