February 13, 2019

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In this edition of the VanWeekly...

  • Stipend Info ( Deadline Extension)
  • Needs Assessment Survey
  • XP Tracker Form
  • edcamp Fulton
  • DENATL opportunity
  • Share your good idea!
  • Twitter Chat
  • School Lead call
  • Webinar
  • New Member Corner
  • Shining a Spotlight on Success
  • Learning Opportunities for Microsoft- Minecraft Education Edition

Mark your calendar

Feb 23- Edcamp at AHS

Feb 26- Webinar

Feb 28- Needs Assessment Survey Due

March 14 - Twitter Chat

March 14 - School Lead Call

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Stipend 2 Week Extension - Feb 18th

UPDATE: For those working toward your stipend, final XP totals will need to be submitted by Monday, February 18th by midnight for review the following morning. I know several people are working hard to input their XP. Thank you all for all of your hard work with the team. We appreciate you! Please note, we will not have another disbursement after February, so this is your final chance!

February 13th - Stipend Deadline: Staying the Course Deadline!

  • Teachers & METIs must earn 50 points by this date to get their stipend in February.
  • Non-Instructional staff must earn 35 points by this date to get their stipend in February.

End of the Year Expectations

  • Teachers & METIs must earn 100 points by the end of the year.
  • Non-Instructional staff must earn 50 points by the end of the year.

Please complete the Needs Assessment Survey by Feb 28th

Don't forget to complete the needs assessment survey by February 28th! We already have over 50 responses following the email earlier this week. Don't miss out on letting us hear your voice! The more information you can give us the better we are able to support you!

XP Tracker Is Repaired

Great news!!!! The XP tracker should be up and running! Check your points prior to our Feb. 13th deadline to ensure you have all of your required XP. Reach out to the committee if you have any problems by completing the Vanguard XP Concern Form or email Giovanna Allison, Tammie St. John, and Megan Endicott. For faster response, copy all three committee members!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick!

If you have a technology, instructional strategy/best practice, or coaching tip, etc. please share!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick here

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EdCamp February 23- Alpharetta High School

February 23- Alpharetta High School


Please spread the word and invite others at your school.

What is an EdCamp?

  • An organic, participant-driven professional learning experience.
  • A community created by educators, for educators.
  • The leading edge of professional development in education.

Tenants of EdCamp

  • Free
  • Open to everyone
  • Created by participants on the day
  • Sessions facilitated by anyone
  • Reliant on the "rule of two feet” that empowers everyone to find session that meet their needs
  • Vendor-free events

EdCamp 101

Webinar-Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 26th, from 7:30-8:30!

Vanguard Webinar- Coaching and Collaboration

Hear from several fellow Vanguard members who will share techniques that have worked for them!

Look for the meeting invitation in the Vanguard Team-->Monthly Webinars channel.

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School Lead Call - March 14th @ 7:00pm

Looking forward to connecting with our School Leads on March 14th @ 7:00pm.

Twitter Chat -March 14th @ 7:30

Topic and questions are TBA. Questions will be posted in Teams!

Interested in hosting, sharing a topic idea, or anything else "Twitter related"? Read below!

We are looking for hosts for our coming Twitter chats! Please let us know if you are interested or know a colleague inside or outside of Fulton County who you believe would make a great host! Have ideas on the perfect topic? Reach out and let me know! Hosts, topics, and all things Twitter can be submitted here:

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New Members- Stipend Info and Modules

Vanguard New Members 2018-2019 Rock! We appreciate how hard you are working and thank you for sticking it out with us! We are so glad to have you on our team. A few announcements:

New Members Need 50 Points by 2/13/2019 in order to receive your stipend!

Check your points on the New Member Tracker here:

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At the end of every module complete the Module Completion Form your points will automatically calculate.

If you are having any issues, concerns please reach out to New Members Team : Christian Padgett, Pam Kelly, Jill Fears

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Spotlight on Success - Megan Endicott @ EndicottSpot

Shout out to our very own Associate Lead, Megan Endicott, for rocking and rolling Dolvin Elementary School's podcast series! Check out the latest blog post and new podcast with Dolvin ES Principal, Mrs. Karen Cooke.

Nominate someone or submit your own Spotlight Vanguard Member!

Vanleads, do you see any vanguard members at your school doing something awesome? Were they struggling with a tool before and are now using it? BRAG on our Vanguard members. If you see something awesome, please submit about your team member.

Please share your success stories with us! You may see your "Spotlight" in an upcoming Vanweekly!

Share Your Success!

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Learning Opportunities for You and Others at Your School

Minecraft Education Edition Teacher Academy (2 days total)

Friday, March 1 and Saturday March 23 (Fulton location TBD)

Subs will be paid for by FCS Instructional Tech Department.

Looking to learn more about how you can implement Minecraft with students? Participate in this 2-day training and become part of Fulton's Minecraft Education Edition pilot group.

Interested in attending? Please complete this form.

Are you a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator?

If so, Mindy Ramon has some t-shirts to give away. If you would like a shirt, please fill out this form. Sizes available are XL, XXL, and XXXL. Please make sure you have the certified MIE badge in your profile on the Microsoft Educator community.

Microsoft Teams Training- March 11

Microsoft Teams Training- March 11

If interested, please register in Edivate in the Professional Development Days catalog. Pass along the info to others in your building

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Vanguard Leadership Team

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Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)


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