How do drugs affect you?

Jacob A. 6th period

How do drugs affect you? Most people think drugs are all bad but that's not true most drugs are actually really good for you it just depends on how you use them. With out some drugs a lot of people would die but also a lot of people wouldn't die from using them wrong.

How can you tell if some one is on drugs they shouldn't be? One easy why to tell is if they react a lot more rashly or can't control there anger. Also if they have red or glossy eyes is another sign of drug use.

how are drugs addictive? Scientists think that all addictive drugs activate the brain's 'reward system', by increasing the release of the chemical dopamine making the addictive.

How do drugs kill you? Drugs of abuse may make the user feel pleasure, but they are also toxic. Drugs make your blood pressure rise a lot and that can easily led to a blood vessel in your brain which is very deadly. Also drugs narrow your blood vessels and also make your heart pump faster needed more oxygen it may not be able to satin its rate causing a heart attack and maybe death.

drugs do help though if you use them right. Drugs Doctors give have saved many peoples life. But drugs like Heroin have no good affect on your body only bad ones this is an example of a bad drug or a "feel good drug".


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