Bill of Rights

Emily Lozano US History 3rd block

Bill of Rights

What are the Bill of rights? Bill that protects citizens of the United States

First Amendment : Freedom of speech, press,and religion

What it means: You can say and write anything you want, you can be in any religion, you can gather in groups ,and you are encouraged to speak up.

Court Case: North-west Indian cemetery protective associations vs Peterson

Summary : Native Americans claimed that logging and road building would destroy their undisturbed natural setting for necessary religious practice.

Second Amendment : Right to bear arms

What it means: Citizens may serve as soldiers. You can also protect yourself by owning a gun.

Court case: District of Columbia vs Heller

Summary: People can keep guns for self defense

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Third Amendment: The right to privacy at home

What it means: No quartering ( obligatory sheltering ) soldiers
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Fourth Amendment : Unreasonable serch and sezure

What it means: Police need a search warrant to go through your belongings and personal items.

Court case: Katz vs United states

Summary : Court officials were eavesdropping on their phone calls.

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Fifth Amendment : Double Jepordy , Self-incrimination, and due process of law

What it means: For a serious crime, a grand jury has to decide if it is serious enough because if you have been already tried , you cannot be tried again, you don't have to answer questions and they can't take your stuff .
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Sixth Amendment : The rights of the accused in criminal cases

What it means: If you are charged, make it soon. Your trial must be held in public with a jury to decide if you are guilty or not. You may have a lawyer and a witness.
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Seventh Amendment :The right to a jury trial

What it means: You can have one civil case with a jury involving a lot of money.
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Eigth Amendment: Preventing cruel or unusual punishment

What it means: Your punishment should match your crime.
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Ninth Amendment: Rights by the people

What it means: These are not your only rights.
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Tenth Amendment : Limiting federal powers

What it means: As long as the constitution does not say anything about it, you can do it.
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