79% of 5 to 13 years get the recommended 9 to 11 hours of sleep

this is important because that means 21% of of our children don't get enough sleep which leads to sleeping in school and slacking off. but this is a b+ on a report card.
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participaction is trying to help send out the message

33% of Canadian children age 5-13 have problem falling asleep or staying asleep

This is probably because they are exposed to "blue light" before bed. Blue light is what comes from devices for example phones, TV's or computers. the best thing to do before bread is probably read

31% of school aged children are sleep deprived

Just think about that those children our the kids that fall asleep in class and don't understand whats happening until they fail a test

A recommendation is that parents set a bedtime expectation for example you have to go to bed at _______pm

this will help kids get into a routine which is a great recomendation

sleep is our fuel

sleep is one of the things we need sleep is what prepares us for a long day of work and we have to take more seriously because most of us think it's just a waste of time