Smoking is a Big No No

By: Madison Pifer

I'm sure you've seen people smoking outside of buildings before. But do they realize what the outcomes of smoking are? People should know that smoking causes many health problems and non smokers shouldn't start smoking in the first place. But not only does smoking cause health problems, but people should know that smoking affects other people and the environment.
If you do not already know, smoking causes major problems to your health. Such as lung cancer or heart disease(Glantz, Stanton A, 2016). What happens in lung cancer is that inhaled smoke comes into your lungs and damages tiny hairs called cilia, which keeps the lungs clean(Glantz, Stanton A. 2016). Over time, a chemical in the smoke called tar builds up in your lungs and could cause pneumonia. What about the additives that causes addictivness to smoking? Nicotine, benzyl alcohol, ammonia, and acentic acid are just some of the additives that targets the nervous system so smoking feels both refreshing and relaxing(Glantz, Stanton A. 2016). But one should be on the safe side and avoid smoking because people always say "your health should always come first."
Second hand smoking is not hurting a smoker, but hurting a non smoker! It is when the exhaled smoke of a smoker gets inhaled by a non smoker(Glantz, Stanton A. 2016). Some of the side effects are irritation to the throat and eyes, headache, and nausea(Glantz, Stanton A. 2016). There are more severe outcomes from second hand smoking too. But sometimes those outcomes can lead to the smoker responsible of being sued, of maybe worse!
I'm sure you hear things about global warming. Well, exhaled cigarette smoke has a chemical in it called carbon monoxide(Hooper, Monica 2016). This chemical rises up into the ozone layer- a protective layer in our atmosphere- and makes a hole in it. Then, UV rays from the sun enter our atmosphere and slowly start to warm things up. Although maybe not all causes of global warming are from cigarette smoke, but it still has carbon monoxide in it. So it is still part of global warming.
In some ways ,believe it or not, smoking can be beneficial. For example, the people who work at tobacco industries get loads of money from smokers that are addicted to smoking. But for smokers, the tobacco industries are getting away with your money! Don't let that happen! Some people claim that smoking makes them look "cool." Who cares? Looking cool isn't the most important thing in the world.
In conclusion, people should know that smoking is bad for many reasons, and non smokers shouldn't start smoking. These reasons why smoking is terrible are: health problems, second hand smoking, and air pollution. All I'm trying to say is that smoking is a pretty dumb idea and you shouldn't try it. So the next time you smoke or see someone else smoking, think about the consequences from your/their actions from smoking.


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