Lab Safety

By Luke and Ben

First Aid

If you fall while cooking, make sure you cover all open cuts because that could contaminate the food. If you or your lad is choking, try the heimlich and if that doesn't work, try CPR and call 911. If you get burned, soak the burn in cold water for at least 5 minutes. If you were to somehow get poisoning, call poison control.

Foodborne Illnesses

One way foodborne illness can be cause through cross contamination. Cross contamination is when microorganisms are passed from one food to another with harmful effects. Another way you can get a food borne illness is by consuming undercooked foods such as pork or chicken. Ways to prevent this are by having good hygiene such as washing and scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds, use separate cutting boards and knives for different foods, having clean nails, and making sure each is food has been cooked to its proper temperature. Also you can stay away from illnesses by thawing food properly. The three ways to properly thaw foods are by placing the frozen item in the refrigerator the night before, putting the item in cold water, or if you need to thaw it a little faster place the food in the microwave and press the defrost button.

Food Preparation & Storage

When preparing your foods make sure you follow the rules to prevent cross contamination such as using separate cutting boards and knives, also making sure when washing your hands to scrub them with soap for 20 seconds, as well as removing jewelry, wearing clean clothes, sneezing and coughing away from foods, rolling up sleeves, tying hair back, covering wounds with gloves, and having clean nails. After your food has been prepared properly make sure it is stored quickly because room temperature is the perfect temperature for bacteria to grow and cause illness.