Dogs: Friend or Foe

By:Shawn Thomas

Dogs: Friend or Foe

Are you thinking about getting a dog but you're unsure about it? Dogs will make your life so much better! You will never regret buying a dog because I have a dog and i'm telling you, get one! Stop questioning it and get go get the dog your heart desires. If i haven't persuaded you well enough , here are some more reasons why you should get a dog. I believe you should get a dog because some dogs protect you from danger, they can behave well, and when you're lonely they will keep you company.

If you live in a bad neighborhood and you want to protect yourself and your house you should get a guard dog. They can protect you and your house. If dogs sense an intruder they will often bare their teeth, bark, and their muscles will be tense. That can be a bad thing if they act like that towards friends and family when they come over, but it could be a good thing because they will scare off the intruder. According to How To Speak Dog by Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, "an aggressive dog is a confident dog ready to prove it. Beware of a hard stare, forward eyes, curled lip, and bared teeth. When combined with stiff legs; a high stiff tail; and a snarl or growl, this dog is bad news!"

They can behave well if they are trained. No one wants a bad dog in their house! Peeing everywhere, tearing stuff up, no one wants that. If you want to avoid that you need to train your dog. According to Complete Guide to Dog Care by Diane Morgan "your dog may be able to sit, roll over, shake hands, or ride a bicycle, but if your dog is not house trained , they,re not trained in the way that really matters." You should be consistent when training your dog so they learn what is right and what is wrong. If you don't punish them after they do something bad they'll never learn that what they're doing is wrong and they'll keep doing it. On the other hand you should give your dog encouragement when they do something right.

My dog keeps me company when we play fetch, watch T.V, and go for walks together. If you live by yourself or don't have any family a dog would be there for you if you didn't have anyone else to rely on.

There's many reasons why you should get a dog but in conclusion the main three are dogs can protect you from danger, they can behave well if trained, and they can keep you company when you're lonely. And as Roger Caras once said, "dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.


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