Storm Jonas

By:Alli LeFevre

What is Strom Jonas?

Strom Jonas happend from January 22-24. It hit along the North-East coast effecting big cities including New York, Washington D.C. , Philadelphia, and many more. With hitting the cities around seven people died from the storm form different accidents. It also effected other people in different ways. The storm caused floods from the rain and the smpnow melting. This floods made even more people die and many people get hurt. Thus storm was later ranked in the top five worst storms in the history of the east coasters.

Storm Jonas Deadly?

Strom Jonas as I said early cause some people to lose there life. Some of the ways is having people get into car crashes from slipping on the road. People were also getting snowed in and people were getting stuck on roads which means if they ran out of food during the storm that they couldn't go and get more food and they would get hungry. Also if people didn't have bottle water and their electricity went out they wouldn't have anything to drink which would be dangerous form family's with more than one child.

Strom Jonas Timeline From January 22 1:10 P.M. To January 22 3:43 P.M.

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Why do people Think Stroms Are Happening More Often?

People are thinking that we are having more storms because of Global Warming. Since Global Warming started the earth's temperature has gone up by 0.85C. Because of this people are thinking that this is what is causing all of these big storms. They are only now thinking about it because Global warming is now starting to be a real big problem in the world.