Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

By Ryan Schubert

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If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse read the guide. This will show you some good places and some bad places to go, it will even show you my suggestions of what to do.Have fun surviving!

Regions that you should know about

Rated and Why

Now that you've seen my suggestions this is what I rated for each region and why. The first region I shall talk about is the Rocky Mountains I rated it a 2 because the mountains are high and sharp that you can get hurt and it would take weeks by foot to go through or around them, plus it will slow you down and then the zombies can catch you. The second region I would like to highlight is the Interior Lowlands I rated it a 5 because the land has a little adjustment in land like hills but otherwise its easy to move and see clearly, but zombies can see you to so if there is a horde of zombies surrounding you good luck. The final region is the Coastal Plains I gave it a rating of 9 all the way because the land is flat you can see perfectly and Florida is a peninsula so its easier to travel, and I would rather stay there than wander because of the three sides of land being surrounded by water so it would be easier to guard.

Good Luck

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