Charissa For President

we can make it if we work together !!!

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we can change the world!

if you choose me as president i will change the laws!

starting with the same laws to be arranged anywhere in America.

I also want to make sure people cannot have any firearms in the house for the safety of our country.

I will undo "the forgotten laws".

As President I will not only like that our country will be safe for the world but also that our country make a change in the world that will help to make our world a better world.

I want our country to be a country were everyone can be his self and where everyone feels safe!

I would listen to people who have something to say and I will raise my voice for them.

I believe we can change America just as I believe America can change the world.

a little change can't do wrong

I want to make some new laws:

  • If you see there are people in need you have to help them out of you have to report it.
  • Medical help will be free for everyone who needs it.
  • There will be a special place for homeless people to live in every city.
  • People are not allowed to eat fast food more then twice a week so our people will stay healthy.

Rhandy as Vice President

My younger brother will be my Vice President. He is good at seeing things in a different way, he always see the good things in people and will show them how to change the bad things. He's a good helper and always listen to people when they have to say something. He's very creative and always trying to make things better. He loves to make changes and to make every home a good and safe place. He will help everyone who needs help and he is a very kind and sweet person. Rhandy really wants to change the world and that's why I'll choose him as my Vice President

Obama made changes

Barack Obama made a change in America as first black president. For me is he symbol for change. He made dreams of people come true as first balch president and that's why I find him special. The past President from America didn't always make the best chooses and weren't always even fair about what was going on. But even then Obama really made a big stap for the future of America.

Together we can make it !

I want that America works together so we can make it a better place. No more violence, no more wars. If we all be nice to each other and we are there for each other in the good and bad times we can make America the best place to be!! In the future we can live in harmony with the rest of the world ! America has to be the example of how you have to live together and the rest of the world will look up at us. We can only make this work if everyone in America make a change in his life so we can make a change in the world. Everyone in America should be able to get Health-care and if we do this together everyone will be able to get it. Everyone should be able to feel safe and accepted and that's how it should be!!
United States of America's National Anthem