Friday Review

Friday, September 23, 2016

  • Please be aware that walkthrough feedback forms will be sent to your accounts. The form does not display all information from the walkthrough in the email, so it must be sent to your Google email. If you have not received the feedback form from your walkthroughs, please see your CONTENT area administrator. (Smith: Math, Arts, PE; Brayboy: ELA/Social Studies; Dunham: Science, CTE, EC)
  • Please sign up to serve on a school-wide committee at If you are on the MTSS Committee or SIT, you do not need to sign up for a committee.
  • Coaches: Student athletes are not allowed to get drinks out of the teacher's lounge unless they have a doctor's note!
  • Teachers: Parent/Teacher Conference letters have been placed in your mailboxes for distribution. Please pass these out on Monday during homeroom. P/T Conference Logs will be collected on P/T Conference day with Sign-In sheet. This is a component of our Title 1 parental involvement artifacts.
  • There have been questions about whether student are allowed to have/consume sodas in the cafeteria from home. Students ARE allowed to bring soft drinks from home for consumption in the cafeteria, although we do not want to advertise this. Parent choices for their child's nutrition during lunch is not policed by the school. However, we do not sell or vend sodas during the school day to students. Students should always be allowed access to water during class, whether it is via the water fountain or their personal bottled water in the classroom. However, students are prohibited from having other beverages for consumption in the classroom during instructional time.
  • New Dismissal Procedures: Beginning Monday, student dismissal will be staggered. Dismissal phases will be announced over the intercom. Car rider dismissal will be announced first, followed by Zone 1 bus riders. Next we will dismiss Zone 2 bus riders and finally Zone 3 bus riders. Teachers will need to stand in their doorway to monitor both behavior inside the classroom and students in the hallway. Students should remain quiet and on the green line while walking to dismiss for the school day. Students will no longer be contained in the cafeteria for dismissal. When they are called, they need to go to the bus loop immediately and quickly. See your SIT representative or Mr. Dunham for further clarification.Thank you for your patience as we figure this all out together in a way that is safe for our students and economically efficient for our district.

What is Your Growth Mindset?

What is your growth mindset? Take the quiz here:

and look forward to more information on ways to strengthen YOUR growth mindset and the growth mindset of your students.

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." ~Confucius

Student Support Services Announcement!

New Hope Baptist Church through the Project In As Much Project provides Snack Bags for the Weekend to needy children of Scotland County Schools who may need assistance in providing for their families. Please submit student recommendations to Mrs. Fehlman. These students are students who you feel could benefit from the extra support. There are only 15 students (mostly from last year's recommendations) that are currently participating in this program, but we feel that there may be many more that could use our support. Please submit names to Mrs. Fehlman by Friday 9/30.

YES I CAN - Paralympics RIO 2016 - We're The Superhumans!

General Reminders

  • If you have keys that don't fit your file cabinets and/or desks, please turn them in to Ms. Kingston in the front office. Mr. Litty has cataloged what we have but we're still missing keys.
  • Do not remove Cumulative Folders from the Records room without signing them out. You must also sign the cumulative record inspection log (Green Form) that is inside each folder. Folders should not be removed overnight and /or stored in plain sight or in unsecured locations. Folders should be returned immediately following the conclusion of an IEP, CFST Meeting, or other inspection.
  • Remember to use the 2016-2017 SHMS Faculty & Staff CANVAS course as a central location for your information. Past editions of the Friday Review, staff meeting information, and important links can be found in this course. New in our CANVAS course: A daily "shout out" to a teacher who is ROARing, data driven, or demonstrating a "growth mindset."
  • Cafeteria Information for Staff: All staff should make sure they have money in their accounts in the cafeteria, or have cash/check on hand for their purchases. Tea and juice is not included in the meal. If staff would like to use their own cups, there are no refills. You must pay for another serving of tea/juice. Ice and water will be available in the dining area of the Cafeteria daily by 7:30 am for all staff
  • Teachers please discuss with your students: Starting on Monday, September 26, 2016 student that do not want any part of their breakfast can place their breakfast in the basket that will be on a chair placed in the hallway leading from the Cafeteria. This will be our new procedure for students that may need a little something extra in their day.
  • All 1st semester Field Trips are due to CO by September 30. You must secure your own chaperones and chaperones should not be exclusively staff members. Make every effort to secure parent chaperones.

  • THANK YOU for signing up to work our Fall sports. We can't do this without you! There are still some slots available. Should you need to change your duty, please see or email Mr. Dunham at

  • The EVAAS 2015-16 district and school reports for end-of-grade and end-of-course assessments are now available on the EVAAS site. Student projections for end-of-grade assessments as well as some end-of-course assessments are also available through the various EVAAS reports. Additional reports will be available later this fall. See Mr. Smith if you need assistance with EVAAS.

  • All teachers are asked to document all bounces in Educators Handbook as a minor incident. A paper copy of bounces is optional, but bounces documented in Educators Handbook is required. If anyone is having trouble with Educators Handbook, please see Mr. Dunham.

  • Please ensure that you call the parent every time you bounce or give that student an office referral.

  • Always remember to enter your discipline on the date that it occurred. Do not hold or wait to enter it in days later. This could render our monthly ODR "invalid".

  • Only Child Nutrition Employees should be behind the serving line or in the kitchen of the cafeteria.

  • Please turn in all Blue Annual Health Status forms to the school nurse along with any other medical forms that you may still be holding on to.
  • Mass emails to the staff are not allowed unless approved by Mr. Smith. All information for the faculty and staff must appear in the Friday Review.
  • If you wear jeans on Friday, it must be with a school shirt.
  • Technology work orders are to be given to Mrs. Ruth Ann Harris in the Media Center.
  • Maintenance and heating/air conditioning work orders are to be given to Mr. Dunham.
  • If students are held after dismissal for disciplinary purposes, inform the office so buses can be held if necessary.

Curriculum Corner

  • Weekly GLS notes (Canvas assignment for Content area teachers) are due TODAY!!!
  • EVAAS data is due Monday, 9/26 for 7th and 8th grade Content Area teachers…see CANVAS announcement and upload to assignment.
  • Common Assessments are to be given by 9/29. Data will be discussed and shared on 10/4 in PLCs.

September 30th Professional Development

Results Now: Rigor and High Student Engagement @ Spring Hill Middle joined with Shaw Academy staff 8-11:30am…You will need your laptops and chargers.

Lunch on your own- 11:30am-1pm

Canvas Training@ SHS 1pm-3:15pm

Virtual College Tours

We want to send our kids on virtual tours to colleges & have them thinking more about their future. Here are some links to some great videos for North Carolina colleges to start off each day in your classes. All 8th graders will watch these videos on Mondays over the next few weeks in class. Please share with students as we prepare them to look to their futures. The videos are great bell ringers for students. Our GEAR Up coordinator for this year is Mr. Rangel Moore. Mr. Moore will be at Spring Hill each Monday. You may email Rangel any requests to speak to your sudents.


-UNCC(Virtual Tour) Students can explore from this site the entire UNCC campus-

- UNC-

-APP State-

-NC State-

Instructions For Student Progress Report

Student Progress Reports will be distributed to all students on 9/28. All teachers are required to distribute Progress Reports on this date.

Run the Individual Student Report (Progress Report)

Run the Individual Student report to generate section scores by assignment, and the final grade average for each reporting term, listed in a one page per student layout.

This report displays all sections accessible by you. However, the name of the Lead teacher for each section displays on the report.

How to Run the Individual Student Report

  1. Select a class from the Classes pane.
  2. Click the Reports tab. The Reports window appears.
  3. Click Individual Student Report. The Individual Student Report window appears.
  4. To use the default report settings, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, edit the information as needed.
  5. Click Run Report. The Report Complete window appears.
  6. To open the report: a. Select the Open Report option.
  7. Click OK. The report results display based on the parameters you selected.

See Ms. Lynette Gibson if you have any questions.

Media Center Happenings

  • Please check your Profile page on our school website to make sure is is up to date. To access it, you enter your username/password into the upper left corner of the school website. Once you’ve logged in, click on “My Account” (under the mini calendar on the left) and go to “My Profile”. If you have any problems/questions, please contact Mrs. Harris.
  • Please return signed AUP forms and Photo Release forms to Mrs. Harris in the Media Center, ASAP. Remember that students who have not had parent signature on AUP’s should have alternate assignments that do not require computer usage until these forms are returned.
  • Students can take Star tests/Accelerated Reader tests. These should be monitored by ELA teachers only.
  • We have run out of laminating film this year and had to reorder twice already. Please try to place items in the laminator in close proximity so as not to waste the film. Thank you!
  • Teachers who do not have a Study Island account, please contact Mrs. Harris for a username and password.
  • · A flier has been placed in each homeroom teacher’s mailbox, describing the Accelerated Reader rewards for this year, along with deadlines to make student goals. Please place this flier on a bulletin board in your room. Thanks!

This Week

Monday, September 26- Common Assessment Week; Administrative PLC 9:00am; CTE PLC 12:30 pm; Golf at Loch Haven at 3:00pm (1:30 release time)

Tuesday, September 27- Common Assessment Week; 7th and 8th Grade House and Team Meetings; Deadline for 7th Grade students to meet required vaccines.

Wednesday, September 28- Common Assessment Week; Progress Reports Go Home; 7th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 9:00 am; 8th Grade ELA/SS PLC 2:15 pm; Football at Ellerbe at 4:00pm (2:25 release time)

Thursday, September 29- Common Assessment Week; 6th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 10:30am; Volleyball at Home vs. Ellerbe at 4:15pm (Duty: Debbie Mears- monitor; Ruth Ann Harris & Gerald Jarmusch- concessions; Jessica VanDeVelde & Katie Griswold- admissions); WES Krispy Kreme Donut delivery

Friday, September 30- Required Teacher Workday; Field Trip Requests due to Central Office
Results Now: Rigor and High Student Engagement @ Spring Hill Middle joined with Shaw Academy staff 8-11:30am…You will need your laptops and chargers

Lunch on your own- 11:30am-1pm

Canvas Training at SHS 1pm-3:15pm

Looking Ahead

Monday, October 3- Administrative PLC 9:00am; CTE PLC 12:30 pm; Volleyball at Carver

Tuesday, October 4- 7th and 8th Grade House and Team Meetings (Common Assessment Data Reporting); Golf at Bayonet at 3:00 pm (1:45 release time)

Wednesday, October 5- 7th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 9:00 am; 8th Grade ELA/SS PLC 2:15 pm; Football at Rohanen at 4:00pm (2:25 release time)

Thursday, October 6- 6th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 10:30am; Volleyball at Home vs. West Hoke at 4:15pm
Friday, October 7- Advanced Manufacturing/STEM Day

Friday Review submissions are due to Mrs. Janet Jacobs each Thursday by 4:00 pm at